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Make a Donation!

We welcome your financial help to fully build and operate this non-profit club!

We raised about $200,000 to build the basic bowling green and buy some club equipment
(here’s an example: LINK),
However – we need further funds for more equipment, lighting for evening play, shade structures, etc.

Give us a boost!   To ALL our donors we offer:
* an opportunity to give back to the community and be recognized for this
* inexpensive memberships, free lessons, and use of club equipment
* social participation and civic engagement for the high % of older adults in Muskoka

* an opportunity for corporations to rent the facility for a unique, fun event
* specialized equipment available for those who are mobility challenged
* an opportunity for the community to participate in sports tourism as we join the 120+ lawn bowling clubs in Ontario offering tournaments and competitions
* rules and terms that are similar to curling, attracting the many curlers in our area
* an introduction to an ancient sport which is easy to learn, but challenging to master.


ANY donations will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged.


1.  Use a mail-in form to contribute by cheque.
.     See => DONATION FORM LINK      Please download, print, complete and return.

2.  Click on  Donate  below to contribute now online by Credit Card / PayPal

  Thank you for your generous support!