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Lawn Bowling etiquette is about good sportsmanship and common sense.
Here are some tips;

  • Be punctual.
  • Begin and end each game with a handshake. Be a gracious winner and a good loser.
  • Be ready to step to the mat and play when it is your turn. Possession of the mat is yours only until your delivered bowl comes to rest.
  • Wait quietly behind the collection of bowls and be prepared to take your next turn. Distractions such as loud noises or conversation, visible movement of players, objects or shadows, impact of kicked bowls, etc should be avoided while a bowler is on the mat preparing for delivery.
  • Remain quiet and still on the green behind the head and away from sideline markers until the score has been agreed upon by both teams.
  • You are part of a team, keep your head in the game.
  • Simply adjust your bowling to adverse conditions.
  • Criticism should always be constructive and given privately.
  • Be sure to compliment a good shot from either your team or an opponent. The enjoyment of a game of bowls is diminished if either team indulges in gamesmanship.
  • Be sure to support our teams by attending inter-club events.


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